Stucco Painting

Stucco painting is a different ball game. It is not the same as painting siding or trim. If your house is made out of stucco and if you are interested in refreshing the look of your house, then stucco paint is something you want to consider. Our professional stucco painters Calgary can update your home’s look with a fresh coat of paint.

All in all, stucco paint is a specially formulated paint that sticks to the cement. Before applying any coat of paint, the house must be checked to see the current condition of the house. We look for the type of stucco, the current condition of the stucco (is there any peeling off), and look for any areas that require patching.

We are your Calgary stucco painters. It is a rigorous and time-consuming job, and we are proud to offer guaranteed results for all types of stucco.

The perfect technique

Stucco painting in Calgary can be done with every type of painting application, such as brushing, rolling and spraying. But through experience, we have found the perfect stucco painting technique – spray at two angles with a 50% overlap using a large spray gun tip, and then back roll after the spray. We also use both acrylic latex paint and elastomeric paint to do all Calgary stucco painting jobs.

Our painters are equipped with the right machines, equipment, and experience to tackle any size of stucco paintings in Calgary.

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Snow Leopard Painters is your local professional Stucco Painter.


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