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Snow Leopard Painters Calgary is a local residential and commercial painting company that services Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Canmore, and Banff. We are Calgary painters trained and committed to providing professional painting services and quality workmanship for your interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting needs.

Our career House Painters take great pride in providing a true professional painting service that can be recommended to others. We provide all kinds of painting services – from just a feature wall or an entire condominium. You are in great hands with Snow Leopard Painters.

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Snow Leopard Painters Calgary

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We use a systematic approach to maximize both efficiency and quality workmanship. This approach varies depending on the situation outlined in your written proposal, but our general method is:


We tackle each wall, trim, window and door systematically: top to bottom, left to right. Therefore, time and materials are better used so projects cost less.

Interior Painting – Calgary

Interior painting is a delicate job where attention to detail is key. Snow Leopard Painters are best-rated house painters in Calgary that take care of each project from prep to paint.

We prep all interior paint projects by patching holes, sanding, and priming. Likewise, drop cloths are always used and furniture is covered so paint only goes where it is supposed to. We make sure that our painters use painter’s tape so that all cut lines are always straight.

Our professional Calgary painters are trained in every kind of interior surfaces, such as wall painting, trim and door painting, ceiling painting, crown molding painting and railing painting. Furthermore, we use every method of painting application – brushing, rolling, airless and air assisted paintings.

For more details, please visit our Calgary Interior Painting page.

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Exterior Painting – Calgary

When it comes to exterior painting services, southern Alberta’s lovely weather plays a big role. Calgary exterior paintings can only be done when the weather is warm, specifically at a minimum temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we start our Calgary exterior paintings around May and we keep painting until the temperature drops below 2 degrees, usually around October.

We encourage our clients to book their exterior paintings early so that your project get a spot in our short and compact painting season.

For more details, please visit our Calgary Exterior Painting Service page.

Exterior Painting Preparation

Surface preparation is the foundation of any painting service. Whether it is stucco, siding or trim, the paint will not last if the surface is not prepped properly. In contrast, a well-prepped surface will create the best results.

Snow Leopard Painters gives extra care to make sure our painters are equipped with proper tools such as scrapers, putty knives, caulk removing tools, hammers, sand blasters, sanding blocks, sanding papers, caulking guns, and other air assisted tools. We will remove the coats of old paints and stains that have been layered on your beautiful house over decades that can be removed, sanded and primed. As a result, our paint jobs will look the best and last.

Due to our detailed prep work, Snow Leopard Painters gives our exterior painting projects a 2-year labor and paint warranty.

For more details please visit our Calgary Exterior Painting Preparation Service page.


Commercial Painting – Calgary

Commercial painting projects require a focused approach from the start. Snow Leopard Painters Calgary painters are ready to tackle all your painting needs, from just painting a boardroom or painting an entire warehouse.

We understand that besides quality and professionalism, efficiency is also a key factor. Therefore, our systematic approach to planning and execution makes the job go smoothly.

Above all, we will keep all our communication channels open with all involved parties. Your employee and customer disruptions will be minimized. We are also flexible. Because it is not possible to do some commercial painting during normal business hours, we can adapt to your schedule. Hence, we are able to work evenings, nights and weekends so that the project gets completed with no disruptions to your business.

Whether it is new construction or maintenance, we can do caulking, filling, priming, painting, staining and lacquering. Call us now for further break down of our services at 403-404-4663.

For more details, please visit our Calgary Commercial Painting page.

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Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Complete trust and peace of mind from Snow Leopard Painters. If you see any deficiency from our poor quality workmanship from the day of project completion until two years thereafter, we will come back and fix it for you FREE OF CHARGE until you are happy.

Stucco Painting and Repair – Calgary

Calgary stucco painting is a different ball game as compared to siding painting or trim painting. If your house is made out of stucco and if you are interested in refreshing the look of your house, then stucco paint is something you want to consider. All in all, stucco paint is a specially formulated paint that sticks to the cement and gives it a fresh look to any color of your choice. Before applying any coat of paint, the house must be checked to see the current condition of the house. What kind of stucco there is, is there any stucco peeling off, do any areas need patching or has the stucco been painted before? We are your Calgary stucco painters. Stucco Painting is a job that needs to be done by a professional because the painting application is rigorous and very time-consuming. All stucco paintings in Calgary can be done with every type of painting applications such as brushing, rolling and spraying. But through experience, we have found that if it is sprayed the right way with two angled and 50 % overlap using a very large spray gun tip and then back rolled after.  We also use both acrylic latex paint and elastomeric paint to do all Calgary stucco painting jobs. Our painters are equipped with the right machines, equipment, and experience to tackle any size of stucco paintings in Calgary.

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